Honey Bee


Honey Bee

The most beneficial insect in all of history would clearly be the Honey Bee. Honey Bees are responsible for nearly 80% of all plant pollenation, including food crops. If it were not for the industrious Honey Bee, we as a nation, would not enjoy the bountiful harvests that we have so enjoyed. Because of this, Chuck Sullivan Exterminators takes every possible means
to save them. We will not destroy any viable hive... even if it is in your home. We have a list of Washington State Bee Keepers that will remove the hive from your home and will likely do it for free. The hives are that valuable. The Washington State Dept. Of Agriculture is acknowledging a 25% loss in the Honey Bee hive population for 2009 and 2010. That is a significant loss and we here at CSE Inc., are doing our part to change that.

Please view our video below to help identify Honey Bees. You will notice a Yellow Jacket landing briefly in the mist of the Honey Bee brood. Yellow Jackets find Honey Bees an easy target, and often will frequent a hive to use as a food source... as such, CSE Inc. will destroy Yellow Jacket Nests.

Please use our contacts page if you have any questions or need a Bee Keeper...


Can you spot the yellow jacket?


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