Norway Rat


Norway Rat

Norway rats live in the ground in burrows and in rooms where food is stored, prepared or handled, ie. basements, crawl spaces, outbuildings, dumps, and garbage areas. Norway rats will consume much more food in a single feeding than a mouse. If enough food is available to rats they will frequently horde the available food and consume it at a later date.

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Norway rat adults have course dark grey-reddish brown coats along with a heavy set body with a blunt muzzle. Their tails are shorter than their heads and bodies combined. Their ears are small and close set. A Norway rat's maximum weight is about 1lb. Their young resemble the adults but they're smaller in size, they also have large heads and feet. There are usually 8-12 young per litter and they have 4-7 litters a year. Their Average life cycle is 1 year or less.


The preferable method is to trap and remove Norway rats. This usually takes 1 to 3 weeks to eliminate the population. We maintain prevention of rat infestation using baiting management techniques in the crawlspace and other inaccessible areas of the building.



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