Subterranean Termites


Subterranean Termites

Colonies are usually located in the soil from which the workers build mud tubes to structural wood where they then feed. Colonies are always connected to the soil and/or close to a moisture source. Termites digest cellulose in wood with the aid of special organisms within their digestive system. The workers prefer to feed on hard woods and also sap woods so they can be found in Douglas fir flooring as well as oak hard wood flooring. Usually the detection is made from the crawl space, noticing mud tubes moving out of the soil and up into the mud seal and floor joists. Also in garages, adjacent hot water heaters, and heating units, mud tubes can be found moving out of the cold joint where the concrete floor meets the concrete stem wall of the foundation.


Termite Damage

Winged reproductives have a pair of equally sized long wings that are attached to the last two thoracic segments. The wings break off after swarming. The abdomen is broadly joined at the thorax unlike the narrow abdominal attachment found on ants. The winged reproductives are shiny black and about 3/8 inches long. Their wings are gray with a few hairs and two dark veins on the leading edge. The soldiers are wingless with white bodies, they have rectangular yellow-brown heads which are two times longer than their width, and large mandibles which lack teeth. The workers are a little over 1/8-1/4 of an inch long and are also white bodied.


Safe and Effective Pest Control

Chuck Sullivan's method of application and choice of products is safe for your family and pets but eliminates the bug problems.

We use Termidor, the number one American home termite extermination service treatment for a number of reasons.

No other termite control system of any type has ever achieved such a high level of effectiveness. Quite simply: Termidor is the most effective and fastest treatment at completely eliminating termite populations. So it's not surprising that millions of homeowners like you have made Termidor the #1 termite defense product in America.

What makes Termidor so unique? Here are just a few of the revolutionary attributes that set Termidor apart:

Termidor is the only termite treatment to completely eliminate termites in all tests, in all locations.

Before Termidor was made available to American home owners through Termidor Certified Professionals, it was put through some of the toughest efficacy and environmental tests in history. For 10+ years of testing, Termidor was proven to be effective against subterranean termites, including Formosans, in even the most challenging situations, climates and environments.

The Fastest

When it comes to getting rid of termites, nothing does the job quicker than Termidor. Period. Your termite problem will be completely eliminated, guaranteed. It's that simple.

Advanced undectectable technology

Termidor is made from a revolutionary new nonrepellant or "undectectable" chemical technology treatment. That means termites cannot see, smell, taste or avoid Termidor. Instead, they contact, ingest, and share it with their nest mates. This is in sharp contrast to older liquid termite controls, which rely on repellant barriers that termites can find breaks in or avoid completely.

The "Transfer Effect"

Termidor is unique because termites not directly exposed to the Termidor-treated area will be controlled as they come into contact with affected termites. This Transfer Effect means you'll see its effects on termites in one to three days, most species will be controlled within the first week following the treatment and 100% will be eliminated within three months.

Termidor has been tested and proven to be pet friendly and safe for children.

Better than bait... without the wait

Baits can take years to control a termite colony. Termidor begins working immediately to wipe out termites inside and immediately surrounding your home. Termidor is the most effective and fastest at completely eliminating termite populations, up to six times faster than bait systems.

Chuck Sullivan Exterminators provides an All Pest Service Guarantee so you won't have to worry about termites in your home or commercial building after treatment has been applied.

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Subterranean Termites are INCLUDED in the All Pest Service guarantee.


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